• Face painting is suitable for adults and children aged 3 years and over.

  • Children over 2 years may be permitted a small design on the hand or cheek.

  • Parental supervision is required at all times whilst face painting or other services are taking place. 
  • We regret that face painting or tattoos are not suitable for anyone who appears to have a skin disorder, open wound, cold sores, chicken pox, excessive Acne or eczema.
  • Paint removal at home can be done with clean water, soap and a flannel. Do not use any lotions or wet/baby/cosmetic wipes or make up removers or lotions as these may cause a reaction when mixed with some makes of paint.
  • Please be aware that some colours may tinge the skin, however after a couple of washes this will fade.
  • face paint to remain on the face or body over night please remove before going to bed.
  • All of our face paints and products are FDA/ EU approved and professional products. However please be aware that sensitive skin types may react to an active ingredient for which we are not liable.
  • Face painting or temporary tattoos are undertaken at your own risk and the face painter/tattooist will not be held liable for any child or adult who may react to any face paints or products used.
  • Any one with an allergy to latex may not have glitter tattoos applied or balloons.
  • Balloon models are not suitable for children under 3 nor for anyone with a latex allergy.
  • Glitter tattoos are waterproof and cannot be removed with water. All tattoos need to be removed by placing and oil based product over the tattoo such as baby oil, olive oil, body oil or similar. Leave this over the tattoo for around 2 minutes. In this time it will dissolve the glue so it can be wiped off without causing any harm.
  • Without prejudice the face painter reserves the right to prohibit face painting or tattoo to any person who is aggressive to the painter or any clients waiting to be painted.
  • We will not be held liable for any stains or marks caused by face paints to any clothing or belongings.
  • If you allow your own photo or your child's photo to be taken by the painter then you are agreeing to this photo being used on any future marketing material and websites they may use for promotion of their business.

Thank You