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Each painter holds an Enhanced CRB/DBS check.

We hold £5 million Public Liability insurance.

Each Painter is fully and professionally trained.


All paints used by Crazy Face Painting are water-based and easily removed with soap, warm water and a soft flannel or sponge. Wet wipes/baby wipes/ cosmetic wipes or similar nor lotions should NOT be used to remove any face paints from the skin as these can react with the paints. The products we use are all non-toxic, hypoallergenic, have anti-bacterial properties and are fully compliant with EU and FDA toy and cosmetic regulations. If you are unsure about sensitivity please ask for a patch test as Crazy Face Painting cannot be held liable for any allergic reaction to the paints and products used.


Should paint come in to contact with clothing you are advised to soak the item overnight in cold water to avoid temporary staining. We will not be held liable for any stains to clothing caused by any paints or products used.


To maintain a high level of hygiene clean sponges are always used and brush water is changed regularly and has a sterilising brush wash added to water. All kit is thoroughly cleaned between events and sanitized.


We are not able to paint any one- adult or child, who has or appears to have any skin condition of any kind, cuts, grazes, sores, chicken pox, severe acne etc and reserve the right to refuse to paint such.

We also reserve the right to refuse to paint any one who is aggressive, violent or abusive towards our painters.

Newsflash Sunday 16th December 2012

There has been a lot of publicity this weekend from the national and local press regarding cheap face paints imported from China that are on sale to the general public in the UK and are causing blood poisoning in children and adults that use these.

Please let us reassure you that we only use high quality paints, which are totally safe, fully tested and purchased from specialist suppliers to our industry. The paints in question that have made the news cost around £1 from markets and cheap shops, joke shops etc and will possibly be given to children for presents over Chiristmas or bought and held onto for the summer and halloween for people to use. Please if you have bought or been given some of these paints do not risk using them. There are over 7,000 packs on sale and trading standards have only recovers around 300 as of today.

Please always make sure you choose a reputable face painter for your party who is insured and use paints that are safe and tested for the job.